Thanks to all those who have been reading my blog these past few days – I appreciate all those who have stuck by me in my silent absences and all the new folks!  It is awesome to be writing for myself again and to have people who actually care what I write about.

As mentioned in the last post – Show and Tell, though just one lovely soul voted, I have been determined to get my idea up on its legs.  And I’ve spent all morning and early afternoon trying to make that happen, with the following results:

SoH3 copy

Yup, my very own Etsy shop!  I am excited and !!!! <—Whatever that is!  Right now there is only one set of prints on offer but I hope to fix that in the coming week.

So I need your help guys and gals – I need you all to share this EVERYWHERE and I mean EVERYWHERE!  I need to get the word out so that it can be a success!  Tweet it, Facebook it, Stumble it, Pin it – you name it, PLEASE help me make it happen.  The more folks who know about this little store, the better chance it has of surviving!

I still have my standing offer to gift a set of prints of the series above to the first person who leaves a comment below.  When this idea gets up on its feet (i.e., makes me some $$$) I will give those prints as my tribute to those who have been with me all along!

Go Citizens, Go!  Help me spread the word!