PLEASE tell me why in the year 2016 that there are some folks working in the food service industry that STILL DON’T know how to handle their disabled customers?

Lemme help y’all out:

If I am coming to your establishment WITH US currency visible IN MY HAND, your response should NOT be:
A) to ignore my tapping on your door to let me in by pretending to be so involved with that one customers order,

B) nor should your response be to IGNORE how I placed my order and give me something sorta like what I asked for,

C) nor should your response be to be AFRAID to place my change in my hand, as if the act of touching me will give you my disabled cooties.

That’s not how that works… that’s not how any of that works.

And to the tall Brother who pulled up and FINALLY opened the door for me before this fiasco happened:

If you would have actively listened to WHAT I was saying, you would have known that I was NOT begging for spare change but CLEARLY articulating that I needed you to hold the door open for me. I hope you were as embarrassed by what you assumed I was asking as I was by you assuming it. You should have bought my coffee in amends.

I will continue trekking to establishments outside my area to get the things I need because for the life of me, I don’t get what’s going on in my neighborhood that they continually get this shit so wrong.
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