That one time you cut that corner so hard and with such speed that you hit that piece’a curb (where the heck did that come from?!) and jostle yourself from your really comfy seated driving position and you think you might need to sue somebody or call somebody or at least need a neck brace cause your neck/upper back right now!

And you try to play it off while the Bystanders (who just witnessed a wherlchaired person literally trip 😑) steady bystandin’, so you make a U-y cause that piece’a curb CAN’T really have been there but when you double back you see indeed that POS is sittin’ there asserting its existence. And all you can do is shake your head but not too much cause OUCH.

So you pause a minute, gather yourself together and raise your chin up like a Boss®, commence your pimp roll cause f$&k that curb for messin’ up yo life in that moment.

While pimp rollin’, you ice grill the bystandin’ Bystanders as they stifle their snickers and continue to cuss out that raggedy piece’a curb in yo mind cause today, is not that day. 😑😑😑

Nah? Never happened to you?

#ItCameOutOfNoWhere #MyNeck #MyBack #MyNeckAndMyBack #MyLifeFlashedBeforeMyEyes #ThatFreeFallWasTerrible #IWouldBeTheOnlyWheelchairPersonToTrip #😩
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