Been feeling kinda bummed. Thinking about how things in my life have not turned out the way I imagined, despite how hard I try and push.

So I headed out, to run some errands… I also stopped off and grabbed some eats. After my order arrives, the manager of the place comes and tells me that my bill has been taken care of by some folks… He didn’t know who they were. He thought I did. I did not. I asked where they were and he said they already left. I thanked him and continued eating my meal, in awe.

There are still good people in this world. I am touched and thankful. Grateful for those folks who didn’t even know me and did one of the most touching things for me. I strive to be that kind of Stranger, everyday.  I strive to show that human kindness.

I didn’t have much to spend to begin with, heck, I didn’t even really want to go out. But I’m glad I did.

I extended my gratitude by leaving my server a good portion of what I would have spent. She refused and I insisted. She asked if I wanted change and I nodded no, afraid that my voice would break because of how touched and grateful that I am to those strangers.

Sometimes people don’t know how to do for me. Because I admit, I am tough to figure out. I’m not a damsel in distress, I’m not overly girly in my attitude and approach to anything, I am a bit walled off and reserved when I am approached.

But this? Currently has my eyes tearing up out in these streets. It’s really nice to be taken care of. ?

Thank you fellow Patrons, for taking care of me ???

#TrueStoriesOf2016 #DisabledChronicles