…That one time, you thought those frozen GF waffles that have been in the freezer since the day after Jésus turned that water into wine, was a good idea for lunch?

Only to be reminded that GF food ain’t loyal, cause both waffles turned into saw dust as soon as you cut into them? Yet you remained undaunted, cause YO-f&@kin’-LO and INSTANTANEOUSLY regretted your pseudo-bravery because there is NO WAY these gravelly bits of waffle will be a good idea for your throat, esophagus or wind pipe?

And you were right, cause as SOON as those little mofos hit those ultra-sensitive areas, you begin to choke and can’t breath and have to summon all that is good and right in the Universe to come save you?

Yeah, never again. #Chipotle wouldn’t have done me this wrong. ?

#DeathByGFWaffle #TearsWereStreamingDownMyFace 
#TrueStoriesOf2016 #DisabledChronicles