Me: (backing up onto the transportation van to begin my days sojourn) Morning, morning!

Hears grumbled mornings from passengers already onboard.

Driver: Back up, to your left, all the way to the back.

Me: (Knows this is gonna be a long trek if I’m relegated to the back. But I comply.)

Passenger in the Back: Hey! Hey! Why you so fat?!

Me: Excuse me?!

PITB: But why you so fat though? Why you so fat?

Me: What da f…- (stops myself from going for the jugular because he doesn’t sound mentally stable).

PITB’s Chaperone: (In Spanish) And you’re not fat?! Leave her alone and apologize – now!

PITB: I’m sorry, ok? I’m sorry.

Me: ?

#DisabledChronicles #TrueStoriesOf2016