I started this journey to mitigate my migraine pain on December 28, 2016.  I will be releasing the updates to catch everyone up on my progress. <3
I must place this disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, nor do I purport to be one.  I am just a long time migraine sufferer trying to find a better way to mitigate my migraines than through Western medicine (pills).  I have vowed to remain med compliant through this entire trial, with my blends being first line of defense before I resort to my prescriptions.  Do not use my self-trial as medical advice.  Please consult with your medical doctors concerning your migraine/health care.


Been doing my homework concerning a blend to address these migraines and to hopefully avoid any GI upset.

I’ve noticed that many of the migraine blends have a lot of the same ingredients. So I targeted those. I also designed this blend to be as easy on my pockets and my situation as possible. (Read: I’m not trying to be stressed about this). Farmers Market fresh would be dope with this, but I’m being realistic with my ends and the level of help I will have in getting this thing blended up 4-5 days a week. So before anyone says it: I know, freezing/frozen things are not ideal. But Life©. Better this than those debilitating migraines.

Anyhoo, here is the blend I’ll be starting off with, with tweaks along the way:

1/2 small banana
5-6 pieces of frozen pineapple chunks
5-6 pieces of frozen mango chunks
1 serving of Inner-ēco young coconut meat
1 small container So Delicious Vanilla coconut yogurt
1 knob fresh ginger
2 oz. Whole Foods cold-pressed Green Juice mixed with their Beet Juice shot
Enough coconut water/water to help it blend

I’m gonna see how this tastes, since I don’t plan on using a non-refined source of sweetness, i.e., honey (since I don’t like the taste) or agave (it makes me feel super light headed and makes my ears ring – I know, weird). I’m just gonna lump it. If it’s REALLY unpalatable, I’ll probably use a teaspoon of OJ concentrate. But I think I should be fine.

I want to try turmeric vs. ginger, but at $15.99/lb. for fresh… Bruh! ? Ginger will suffice, for now. And whenever there is fresh greens in the house, a fistful of those will go in on top of everything else.

I’ll be starting this tomorrow AM, I’ll be watching to see:

– if I get a migraine
– the frequency of them
– the duration of them
– the intensity

I’ll still stay med compliant, meaning even while doing this, if I get a migraine, I’m taking the migraine med too (will be cross checking med and blend ingredients contraindications – I’m not trying to die)

My hope? That taking this blend along with my Celiac diet will keep these migraines at bay.

EDIT: I’d like more greens… I’ll be looking into GF powdered sources? Dunno. Will update if I do.

Here we go!
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