My insides feel/are severely bruised. When I yawn or breathe in deeply, there is discomfort.
My GI tract is swollen. My throat feels like one part of it is enflamed. My guts are still swollen. Going to the bathroom is tear inducing. My belly is low key warmer than usual.
I spiked a low grade fever yesterday afternoon of 99.9.
My pulse was racing at 112.
I had a rough physical therapy session yesterday morning, so my joints and muscles were sore by the time the fever hit.
Everything hurts/is sore – inside and out.
I had my aide make me a chamomile, garlic, ginger, lime, turmeric mix tea last night.
It tasted gross. But I knew the things in it would support my hurt body with what it needed to get better.
I sweat a lot in the wee hours, after feeling frozen like an ice cube hours before.
My temp is 98.6 this morning. My pulse a steady 79.
I feel better but still worn.
I’m glad my immune system hasn’t given up on me ?
I wrote an entire post in my feverish brain about being hurt in already broken places.
I’ll think of it and maybe write a coherent version in the coming days.
I’m tired.
Be safe.