I love tuna salad.
It’s a great source of protein (17g/2.6oz.), it’s quick and I can confidently eat it within 20-30min when pressed for time.
I also love tartar sauce.
Finding a gluten free, soy free tarter sauce is like finding a Unicorn.
But I found one. And I’ve been faithfully buying it for years, though they no longer sell it in Florida.
This latest batch cost me $56 for a case of 6, 8oz. jars and came all the way from a supplier in Missouri.
Two days ago after my afternoon pee break, I leaned back in my chair to stretch out and searing pain traveled from both of my sides, across my belly and stopped right under the small of my belly.
It was excruciating. I couldn’t even yell out the pain was so singular and shocking. I laid back for a while and finally managed to sit up to have dinner. Which was equally painful but I made it through and reclined my chair again until my night aide arrived.
I explained to her what I felt and she made me some tea and gave me some Phazyme. I hoped it was just a bad case of gas and went to sleep.
Yesterday was not a bra day. I couldn’t support anything pressing along my ribs, so much was the swelling of my midsection. It just felt sore all on the insides; like the majority of my lower intestines were angry and threatening to burst through my abdomen like the biscuits in those pressurized containers.
I thought about it last night and decided that the particularity of this swelling meant that my body was no longer happy with something that I’ve been eating.
But what? Where do I begin figuring it out? What do I eliminate first?
My aide mentioned the tuna I started eating less than a week ago. I asked her to grab it for me, along with the tartar sauce.
To my relief, the ingredients of the tuna were the safe: tuna, water, salt, vegetable broth. All things I can eat. Plus the packet was specifically marked GF – gluten free.
I began reading the tartar sauce jar and was comforted until I ran across the circled red portion: pea protein.
I struggle with legumes. Black beans and lentils seem to be the *only* things from the legume family that my belly will tolerate.
I cannot have red beans, pinto beans, Lima beans, great northern beans or peas.
And what did this manufacturer recently add to the ONE tartar sauce I can have?
Pea Protein Poison © 2021 SandraJeanPierre.com

Pea Protein Poison © 2021 SandraJeanPierre.com

Pea protein.
I am so done.
I paid $56 for poison. I made a rookie mistake and didn’t check the ingredients list prior to purchasing.
I know that manufacturers often substitute or tweak their recipes depending on what is available. And I didn’t think to check, so excited was I about getting to eat tuna salad again.
This swelling will take a good week to get better.
I’m so angry! At my belly, this tartar sauce and life!
Grrrrr! ?????