Apparently I’ve been slowly poisoning myself.
This latest tartar sauce/ gut busting situation was the watershed.
I looked at the jar of vegan Mayo in my fridge by the same company and it too has pea protein now.
I have no idea when this change took place.
I’ve already whined and cussed about this predicament.
When did my food change on me?! And while life is happening, how am I supposed to keep up?!
Found some new Mayo that I’ll be testing out next week.
For those wondering: yes, this is quite a big ado over some Mayo and tartar sauce.
But my life options are limited by the small circle of things I can eat/tolerate. When one small change happens, it affects a whole host of other things.
This tartar sauce/mayo situation effectively knocks out sandwiches of just about every permutation for me: tuna salad, egg salad, turkey and cheese. Those were my options. Now poof! No more.
Imagine no longer being able to eat anything with tomato or onion or sugar or (insert your favorite ingredient).
Think of all the things that eliminates from your diet.
Eating would quickly suck.
This is me right now.
And I already struggle with food. and changes. And changes with my food.
I’ll let y’all know when the new stuff gets here next week.