In these early morning hours,
as sleep still whispers softly
in your ear,

I curl into your arms,
inhaling your scent
aroused that I get these

you awake
my gentle moans
your Good Morning,
as I anticipate your hands
finding their place

and your open palms
settle across my back,
stoking my desire

your lips greet me
as that deep throated grunt
from your chest to mine,

Your thigh
spreads open my legs
as you reach
for what belongs to you

I never resist,
instead melting into
your gentle strokes
and stern commands to
“Cum for me sweet baby…”

In this moment
with your light kisses
across my lips and neck,
with your fingers
stroking and filling me

I know where I belong.

I know I am complete.

I know that I am Yours.