Got through my step down dosing of the acidophilus tablets. Noticed that with the Gluten Free Greens powder that I actually don’t have to keep taking the tablets every other day because the greens powder (GP) has it in there already. Same amount of units (3 billion per scoop), so win. Besides that, my stomach has tolerated the GP surprisingly well; no upset, no burning – this indeed is truly gluten free.

Have also been alternating between the GP Blend and the Golden Milk/Turmeric Milk (GM/TM) when the cold weather sets in. Though the GP Blend makes me feel more energized (and hungry) the Golden Milk does the opposite in terms of hunger and totally chills me out, like sedative chill, minus the ugly side effects. Also, since adding in the GM, my pain levels have been nil. Like, I don’t wake up in the morning with any stiff joints, even with the cold weather. Which is like miracle status for me. I can’t say my joint pain was overwhelming, it was just kinda always there. Now, it’s decidedly not.

I’ve noticed that there has been a migraine that has been nosing around for the past few days. By nosing around I mean I feel it trying to set in, then the pain/throbbing dissipates. It’s a bit more intense when I am stressed, which I have been this past week. In other times, I would have succumbed to it from day one. But my body has not. I’ve had no light sensitivity, no sound sensitivity, no smell sensitivity. No migraine body pain, though that too flared up, then calmed down last night. I had a bit of nausea only today. I ran out of ginger or my night Blend would have taken care of that.

I try to rest and drink plenty water. Over all caloric intake is still an issue the next day after the evening when I have the GM. The day after the Blend though, I have no problems eating.

I’m trying to do all I can and all I’m supposed to before having to take any migraine meds. My main goal for the coming week is to continue with the GP Blend and GM and to eat enough calories per day to rule out this being a hunger headache vs. migraine.

My current Blend will be listed below.

See you next week citizens!

Migraine Greens Powder Blend:

1/2 frozen banana
5-6 pieces of pineapple
5-6 pieces of mango
1/2 a packet of green young coconut meat
1 cube greens/beet juice blend
1 scoop Gluten Free greens powder
1 knob ginger
8 oz. Silk Unsweetened Coconut Milk
1 tbsp. Chia seeds
Any additional fresh greens/fruit as I can get them.

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