Apparently I have Death Stare.
A way my facial expressions simultaneously convey a succinct ‘WTF are you DOING?!’ with a chilling side of ‘I will END You!’, wrapped up with that look your Momma gave you when you were acting a whole fool.
This was detailed to me by one of my aides. She explained how I shot her that withering look once and she has never forgotten it or the chill that it sent down her soul.
She fully expected a full throated litany of her offense. When none came, she expected I would retaliate in some way. When no retaliation followed, she said she made sure not to summon my ire in that way again.
So, two things:
Growth – maybe a younger Sandra would have done any number of those things. But you know, older, wiser, etc… and a level of grace for those who are helping me. I’m not easy and they’re not saints.
And two:
Her recount of how The Death Stare made her feel is fascinating. Who knew my face could convey so many complex and complete expressions in mere seconds?!
I cackled as she relayed her inner thought bubbles during said Death Stare.
I’ve always suspected but I was never sure – my looks can kill people in their souls ???
I don’t know why this fascinates/tickles me so much ???