I hunted down the status of my ordered casters for my lifter and began formulating a plan c, d and e since it appeared the new casters wouldn’t get here in time to surrender the rental lifter by next Monday. But disaster was further averted when I was assured and presented with the tracking numbers of the two sets of casters coming from their warehouses in Georgia and Missouri. ETA: Thursday and Friday respectively.
Couldn’t breathe easy yet because after that call I rolled right into my next challenge: today was meal prep day.
Made a gorgeous Red Lentil, Spinach and Sausage stew ?
Also Polenta, Salmon in a Tomato-Onion sauce with a warm Balsamic Cabbage Slaw. I didn’t field test the capers, so those didn’t make it in.
Physical therapy kicked my ass in the midst of tasting the tomato-onion sauce for the salmon. My calves are so achy they are singing the ‘Hallelujah’. Felt bad the food wasn’t ready, I would have offered him a plate even as he tried to stretch my muscles into oblivion.
Also, he seemed some kind of impressed by my tasting the sauce and offering my aide corrections on what to add to make it taste unctuous and to my liking. He mentioned having some of the flurry of spices that I uttered but never used them. ? Makes me wonder what’s he eating and why does it sound like it might be, possibly, could be bland?
Had a pretty intense moment in the middle of my day where I felt like I was loosing it because my life looks nothing like what I thought it would at 45. The losses, left turns and WTFs colliding with my ursurped dreams and hopes with the solid forays I thought I was making.
I rolled around my place trying to remember what I should be doing next or what important thing I needed to pay attention to. My eyes got teary and chin quivered as I was about to just let go, for a little while, in that moment. I felt like reaching out, writing, saying something. Anything.
For what? It won’t change any of it. It won’t make it less sunburny or miraculously not this.
Rescue came in the form of my Dog Visitor barking and me going outside to see what was going on. My aide had startled him and was met with his disapproving barks.
We spent an hour in prattle about the things that were in our lives and how we manage them, while she cleaned up some, put food away, folded laundry and otherwise kept me from being so overwhelmed internally by my life, unbeknownst to her. Small saving graces.
I devoured that gorgeous stew and after doodled on my tablet, trying to lure my creativity to no avail. I wound up absently listening to Bon Appetit re-watches on YouTube, a mindless game on my phone keeping me distracted.
More cleaning and arranging, taking house inventory, opening my 75 Amazon boxes that finally arrived with my evening aide.
Finally bed.
My aide is gone home and I am listening to the whirr and clicking and water dumping of the portable washing machine hooked up to the sink in my kitchen as it preps my tomorrow.
Tired. Sleepy.
I hope this nights sleep is better.