Rental just arrived. It ain’t pretty but it’ll do.
Now to await the casters…
Never mind the hair/debris sticking out the sides.
The wheel on my hoyer lift decided it was sick and tired of this existence – so it peaced out.
I use the hoyer lift only twice a day. Once in the morning to get me out of bed. And again at night to get me in bed.
My aide complained of how hard it was to use last night to get me in bed. I didn’t pay too much mind as I was delirious from the goings on of the day and was just too tired to investigate further.
This morning though, not really bright-eyed as I had a weird headache all night, she voiced her complaint louder. She kept on saying how this had to get fixed or she’d hurt her knee and/or her back.
I’m super aware and sensitive about my people’s getting hurt on account of helping me. I make sure to keep my equipment in good working order so as to avoid any mishaps to those who help me and also to my self.
On her second or third complaint, I snapped. I let her know that I did not want her to get hurt. I was not gonna let her get hurt.
She asked why I got snappy. I told her that I heard and understood the first time she said it. I didn’t need or want more iterations.
She sat me on my chair and I looked at the damage to the tire. It’s pretty bad.
I closed my eyes and exhaled.
She began washing me up and I apologized for snapping at her. I told her that my goal is not putting her body at risk in helping me. I told her that this was not going to be an easy fix.
She asked why I didn’t just go to Home Depot and get some new tires for it, I only needed the one.
It’s not that easy with medical equipment. It’s never that easy.
I explained to her that
Home Depot doesn’t sell these types of specialized casters. I’d have to find a medical supply store and order from them.
I explained that I would have to order a full set of four casters because if this one is broken, the others aren’t too far behind.
I explained that hoyer lift casters are not items they would keep on the shelf as they don’t break often – so they’d have to be ordered anyway. That would put my hoyer lift being fixed somewhere by the end of the week. Not including finding a mechanically inclined person to do the swap out for me.
I explained to her that I had to find an immediate fix to having a working hoyer lift available for use until mine can be repaired, which means I’d have to rent one last minute for delivery today.
I explained to her that next to my wheelchair having an issue, this is the second biggest problem I can have and I have until 5pm tonight to fix it because I’m not willing to have her injured on account of caring for me.
I said this is a pretty big fucking problem to have at 8:30 in the morning.
At least I have all day to figure it out. At least it’s Monday. At least I have hours in front of me to get it sorted.
Oh… she said. I didn’t think it was that big a deal.
I know, I said. I know. I can’t let you get hurt. I have to figure out what to do.
By the time she had finished making my breakfast and prepping my meds, I found a place to order the full set of casters. Looks like an ETA for delivery would be about Wednesday. I have two folx in mind with tools to come install them.
After I choked down my breakfast (cause who can eat with a huge problem looming in front of them?), I called around and found a place who had a hoyer lift, that could deliver, today.
ETA for the rented hoyer seems to be about 3pm according to the woman I spoke to.
Too much money to have been spent within four hours later, I think my issue might be resolved. I’ll breathe easy when the rental arrives.
Although my head still hurts despite my Tylenol, my body is cranky and I am in a sour mood from this ordeal. And WHY is my physical therapist trying to come a day early?!
No. Just no. I have had enough of today, thanks.