Possible solution to my twig utensils situation… I forgot what theses ones are called but they are by the same designer.
Twig Solutions © 2021 SandraJeanPierre.com

Twig Solutions © 2021 SandraJeanPierre.com

The bowl of this spoon is much deeper than ones I use now. Feels different in my fingers too. But they are light and they work.
Forgive the egg salad residue. I forgot to take a picture while the new utensils were new.
Found a single vender who had these at a great price (under three dollars per set of four) purchased his entire stock of five sets. I’ll be good on SMA friendly utensils for the next two/three years at least.
Thank you to those who helped to look for my originals. Thank you Cuz Patricia for helping to make this purchase happen ?