Yesterday morning, laying on my left side on my bed, bundled up like a burrito:

Me: Nephew!

Nephew: Yes?

Me: Can you roll me forwards please?

Nephew: (Stands in front of my bed, grabs behind my knee and my shoulder and rolls me towards him)

Me: (Begins to yawn and make this weird high-pitched sound)

Nephew: what was that?!

Me: (finishes yawn) Oh, sorry! Whew! I was stretching while you rolled me forwards.

Nephew: (begins to laugh at me) That sounded like a dying koala! 😂😂😂

Me: What?! A dying koala?! really?!

Nephew: Yes! Please don’t do that again! 😂😂😑

Me: I’m sorry but those koala are gonna have to keep dying.

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