Ya know… there’s a whole bunch of new folx out here during this COVID19 situation who are feeling a whole lot of panicked and uncomfortable around being food insecure, housing insecure and unsure how they’re gonna meet their bills because what they have coming in, won’t meet what they have to spend.

A whole lot of folks having to deal with being home and being afraid for their health because other folks won’t do their part to help everyone be healthy.

A whole lot of folks getting ‘scrappy’ ( ? )and leaning heavy on delivery services and online resources to manage the new reality of their lives and how they’re living.

And meanwhile, I’m sitting here like,

‘Yeah? This is stressful for you? Mm.’

I want you to remember this feeling of helplessness, desperation, incredulity, of doing the best you can and simultaneously knowing it’s nowhere near enough, of relying on the government to help do SOMETHING to help you and your family live (and knowing their measures won’t meet your needs). That anxiety and fear that’s living, heavy in your chest, keeping you from sleeping at night, that makes it hard to breathe or face your family?

That feeling?

I need you to carry that feeling with you when you’re at the next family gathering and that relative starts in on, ‘If only poor people would…’.

I want you to let that feeling guide your tongue, next time your heart thinks to disparage someone who you feel doesn’t ever seem to have it all together.

I want you to sleep with that feeling and wake up with it and let it speak when it’s time to head to the voting booth and your politician is trying to keep ‘those people’ from xyz and expects Your vote and support on it.

Because that feeling, a ton of disabled, Elder, food insecure, house insecure and underemployed folx live with THAT feeling everyday.

Every. Single. Day.

With no end or reprieve. Only condemnation.


This will get better for you eventually. There won’t be anyone trying to snatch much away from you. Because, you know, that would be cruel.

And the rest of Us?

We’ll continue living this way under your scrutiny.

Just remember, for a while though, You, were one of Us.

#TrueStoriesOf2020 #CoVid19 #DisabledChronicles