I purchased that bottle of sparkling apple cider to ring in the year of 2021. But it wound up being a somber time and thus no celebration.
I told Bestie when I applied to law school that we’d break it open upon hearing if I got accepted, to toast in my life ‘upgrade’ and in homage of my humble beginnings.
I relayed to her the story of Widow Cliquot (https://podcasts.apple.com/…/brought-to…/id1413374332…) and how after learning of her heartbreaking and triumphant rise as a business woman during a time when women had to ask PERMISSION (🙄) to do anything, that I would buy a bottle of Veuve and have it grow with me through my law school adventure, breaking it open upon graduation. Buying and breaking open another bottle after passing the bar exam.
A few months ago, those were just words and a wish.
I paid my law school seat deposit three days ago.
The second picture is the bottle of Veuve I purchased and had delivered to me this morning. She will travel with me through this journey.
I’m terrified. Of such an expensive purchase, of such a fancy thing, of such a big adventure.
It’s happening Fam – I’m part of the FIU Law school cohort of 2022.