UPDATE 2: $190.76 – one week hoyer lift rental.
$575.94 total – that’s how you spend $600 in less than an hour: be disabled and have an emergency.
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UPDATE 1: $385.18 so far. That was the cost of the new hydraulic pump and to ship it 2 Day so it can get here by NEXT Thursday, cause you know ‘Merica Holiday 🙄😑
Working on finding a lift to rent for the week…
The top picture is the reason for my current four alarm medical equipment fire.
That metal piece is what holds the handle of my hoyer lift to the piston and that is what broke mid-lift last night.
It took a good hour of my neighbors time and a wire hanger to rig it so it could work enough last night to get in bed and work enough this morning to get me out of bed.
My aide and I had to rise with my neighbor just in case the rig failed so that he’d be here to fix it. We’ve been awake since 5:30am and 6am respectively.
This little piece is what will potentially cost me $600, as from preliminary search, it does not seem like they sell that particular part by itself, which means I will have to buy a whole new hydraulic pump since this one is way out of warranty. Plus I’ll have to rent a lift while I await the arrival of the new one. $600 easy between the two things.
Let’s see how this situation shapes up.
I start making my calls in one hour.
Good Friday morning.