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Sandra Jean-Pierre

Migraine Blend Chronicles, Week 1:

Still on track, though I won’t be doing daily updates, just weekly ones. The blend will change for the coming week with the addition of a Gluten Free Greens powder, cause I think that would work better for my life. I will be switching from water to Silk coconut milk and adding chia seeds and turmeric powder. This will make the blend more of a migraine blend/meal replacement. Will be updating quantities on my next week’s update. I’ve also added

Migraine Blend Chronicles, Day 3:

Didn’t have a blend today as I needed something warm. So I had some soup my sister made with spinach, watercress, celery, yucca, carrots, green plantains, onions, stew beef, seasonings and hella scotch bonnet. It’s literally 🔥 in the back of my throat. 😳 I think this could still count as a migraine aid since it does have greens/veggies (albeit cooked) and capsaicin (scotch bonnet). Nose is runny (from the soup), still feeling great. Noticed that my head/neck regions where

Disabled Chronicles, No. 1019

That one time you’re riding the bus after traipsing through what feels like ALL of northeastern Miami running errands and you’re FINALLY about to press the buzzer for your stop, when an Island Elder starts talking ABOUT you, like you’re not even there? You take a deep breath because it’s almost not worth the indignation to rebut cause your stop is about to come up, but she KEEPS talking and gawking like you’re some kind of circus side show and

Migraine Blend Chronicles, Day 2:

Blend: pineapple, mango, coconut meat, coconut yogurt, fresh knob of ginger, green juice, beet juice, water. Remembered all the ingredients this round and didn’t add too much ginger this time. Might keep the coconut yogurt after all so I won’t get super hungry. The addition of the green powder in the coming weeks will be the final say. About an hour after drinking the smoothie yesterday, all the areas that generally hurt when a migraine comes on, were tingly. It

Migraine Blend Chronicles, Day 1:

Blend: Pineapple, mango, coconut meat, coconut yogurt, 4 oz. of green juice/beet juice, healthy knob of ginger, water. I.WAS.NOT.READY. I forgot the ginger while I drank the first half of the blend, then added it to the second half and I promise you my throat and chest felt like they were in hand to hand combat with the pepperiness of the ginger – wooo! 😳 My nose is runny RIGHT.NOW. When I run out of the coconut yogurt, it will